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Stream Yourself Live

MINI has unveiled an interactive art installation, fusing digital design, music and social media in the development of the MINI art beat.

  • Considering Color

    Color is a nonverbal form of communication that provides visual cues to the consumer that can signal action and influence mood....

  • Technicolor String Art

    the gigantic, technicolor inhabitable sculpture plays on the interaction of primary colors which overlap to produce a vibrant s...

  • The Most Popular Nail-Polish Color in Every State

    It turns out that your current mood and the season aren't the only factors that play into your manicure decisions: Location doe...

  • Teva and UGG Mashup 

    Teva and UGG have collaborated to create a boot-sandal hybrid that is being relentlessly criticized on the internet.

  • Explosive Color

    Over 4000 balloons and 1500 kg of glitter burst in an explosion of colour.

  • Technicolor Coat

    okuda san miguel has transformed an abandoned house into ‘the universal chapel’, using his emblematic colors, graphics and moti...

  • BMW Art Car

    25 years ago, esther mahlangu, a south african artist, was the first woman to create artwork on a BMW ‘525i’ car. its bodywork ...

  • Glithero's Green Room

    in ‘green room’, time takes the shape of 160 silicone cords, suspended in a cylindical curtain from the dome of a stairwell on ...

  • Breaking Trough Colorblindness

    by working in this medium of crystalline calcite, each sculpture emits an intense blue hue. this breakthrough use of color come...