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Stream Yourself Live

MINI has unveiled an interactive art installation, fusing digital design, music and social media in the development of the MINI art beat.

  • 79df91d924e28c8a1eb19e3de9dde9cb35172d02 Art
    Blue Pie

    courtesy borXu Design Blue pie is a transformation of a typical Torontonian condo into the celebration of a man’s living style...

  • 543a03e8f08930a8b6df1b69e5c28bf4a2af003b Art
    RGB landscapes

    The RGB experiment continues…this time using new materials and technologies, in which carnovsky (francesco rugi and silvia quin...

  • Ee321e2c2a54d9cdf29cad94b0eff242e6eb9724 Art

    Featured in editor David Shah’s Viewpoint Magazine, Franklin Till tells us that, in contrast to stylized and minimalist design,...

  • 880556f7891e31e7a27f5e8a0b543cae5224a789 Art
    David’s Blue Floors

    We’ve been feeling the color blue in a BIG way lately. From my Current Obsession with indigo to Amy’s Past & Present on the his...

  • F441caf488ab5c3ed9d06a5c27ce2d82ff6b8163 Art
    Colorful Black Hole

    Fabian Oefner is an artist who likes to try different things. Last year we were wowed by his Millefiori project wherein he adde...

  • 576f6bc5b7cc648b80e5b3744c64fc71b27e8218 Art
    Book Sculptures

    In case you thought books are just for reading, well, here’s something we want to show you, that might exceed your expectations...

  • 9330a72f801478d55e4d15f235eeb70c8364090f Art
    Susan Hable

    Artist and textile designer Susan Hable (member of the CAUS Interior Forecast Committee) spent her formative years in a microc...

  • 767321815d65029e47ad9e586662fbed4e1bec06 Art
    Gaudi’s Night Colors

    32, 000 people witnessed the first multimedia projection on Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada familia in Barcelona, a project realized by ...

  • 0e3e70971f51e2e4828ec681850c231995e97629 Art
    Haint Blue The Legend

    Haint Blue The Legend Color me always on the look out for unusual color information and stories. I found the mystery of Haint...