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Stream Yourself Live

MINI has unveiled an interactive art installation, fusing digital design, music and social media in the development of the MINI art beat.

  • 91501ad3e7e5ac3376b95cce3a4d64a78cbc312d Art
    Shades of Orange

    Well, hello there my fellow color lovers! And good morning to you! Today I’m revisiting a palette that I’ve long loved and for ...

  • 5576af76beccbc35024a0e6bccbb9c8b815b06c9 Art
    Mould as Art

    The series explores the impressive diversity of textural and color qualities that mould exhibits, resulting in what some might ...

  • 8fa6e1a2cd2896fff37400d97ec170e94f999bb5 Art
    Colorizing the Past

    Copyright Library of Congress A group of 20,000 artists and amateur historians is on a quest to colorize a huge portion of pho...

  • 9177a4b5ffe9f817762d30a3f46d7d2814672df0 Art
    Light Sculpture

    It can be argued that all art is alive in some way, but Dutch design studio Toer has created an interactive light sculpture tha...

  • 40db58842d1c42ec4d03bd33f86a8fbeec016417 Art
    Yorkshire Maize

    A cartoon dry-stone wall by internationally renowned artist Richard Woods has landedat the orangery Wakefield, which will open ...

  • B6640ecbe4df16c9785e5ca38fcaae328b7eb2b5 Art
    Red in the Bath

    There’s a reason so many bathrooms in high-end restaurants have red walls it’s a flattering color for all skin tones. The owner...

  • C1fa3050e8542beda6d9f8b0451202052f22685a Art
    When to Use Gray

    Gray is a popular neutral to use with more attention-grabbing hues, but I’ve been seeing gray stand all on its own more and mor...

  • 23b4d9279e9898e4b38a6b7a99f832ecd963b765 Art
    Bay Lights

    San Francisco, come March 5, 2013, you’re in for an incredible treat. Designed by world famous light artist Leo Villareal, The ...

  • E13f5f5fd3e2e034447e3a2dba6f78baa2bb9543 Art
    Studded Skin Photography

    ( TrendHunter.com ) This edgy beauty series features a gothic model with studded skin. Some of these captures are monochromatic...