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Stream Yourself Live

MINI has unveiled an interactive art installation, fusing digital design, music and social media in the development of the MINI art beat.

  • Bbc013eb628da08e2040015d6dbcc22258ad999e Art
    RISD New Talent

    Sublime work by six recent RISD Textiles MFA graduates – along with work by six other graduate students who will complete their...

  • 29af8ff776330246b2b3b35b43e0ab986df123d9 Art
    Donald Judd

    In November of 1968, the artist Donald Judd bought 101 Spring St., a five-story cast-iron building in what would soon become kn...

  • 589c215c2c28356d247cbf6153aeb5890b2308d2 Art
    Paper Map Sculptures

    Matthew picton is a british-born artist living in oregon, USA. his work is influenced by cartography and the inherent beauty of...

  • 7f50ba35365237200fb9b3ce093ca8eeddbe09ee Art
    Yellow in London

    Note: This article was republished from PANTONEVIEW.com, Pantone’s new online color trend service, delivering critical color in...

  • 33a3c83437dda4be9491fc64960fe7e90b2855cc Art
    Pink Kryptonite

    There’s been a great deal of research on the effects that specific colours can have on the human brain. In the early 1970s, a s...

  • D0713f6c8cff9d0df324ac08deac8871413edeae Art
    Rainbow Colors

    When it comes to decorating, there’s perhaps nothing braver than going with a rainbow color scheme. It takes a certain amount o...

  • 9232545f920eae64c78f2947cd1b6a74e0759302 Art
    Marc Jacobs X Krink

    the markers have a fine or large point and deliver smooth, even strokes. great for drawing fines lines and small details but of...

  • 7b18855a9a7fe41f34291c14395da1c97b8d55de Art
    RISD Museum of Art

    Features Providence, Rhode Island, USA <p>The Rhode Island School of Design has announced the public opening of The Chase Cente...

  • 7f2454eed2c72479aabcaef454cb27331d06675b Art
    Bellina Garden

    New print release: this week we are bringing you a beautiful floral print, Bellina Garden, by artist Azul De Corso to benefit t...