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557 Windows of Color

Australian lighting company klik systems has created ‘luminous’ the word’s largest interactive light installation in Sydney’s newest commercial area, darling quarter orchestrated by Canadian light director Bruce Ramus with support from darling quarter Commonwealth Bank, Sydney harbour foreshore authority, and lend lease.

The animated and still LED light installation extends over four levels of the site’s two campus-style buildings, transforming their facades into a digital art canvas. The work spans over 557 windows at a distance of 150 meters and is powered by 100% solar energy generated by solar panels arranged upon the building’s rooftop. The artwork’s bulbs and control panel have been developed by klik systems.

The public may engage with the lit facade through the use of interactive booths in which the user may paint their own digital designs upon the front of the building. internet users may remotely add to the vibrant installation through either the use of a smart phone app or website, entitled my interactive city. a five-minute time-lapse between the submission of the design and its approval by the organizers  so that they may fine-tune designs before they go live. in this way, ‘luminous’ is dictated not solely by visitors physically present at the interactive booths, but actualize brilliant movement of light across the building’s exterior from abroad as well.

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