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Gaudi’s Night Colors

32, 000 people witnessed the first multimedia projection on Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada familia in Barcelona, a project realized by Montreal-based studio moment factory. the large-scale piece, entitled ‘ode à la vie’, tells the story of rebirth and hope, cast on the basilica’s distinctively intricate nativity façade, presenting a figurative interpretation of the creation of the universe. the work was informed by original color sketches by the renowned architect, for whom color was the ‘essence of life’.

the 15 minute architectural mapping display exhibits a living fresco made of color, light and sound – with the classical/electronic soundtrack by Anthony Rozankovic (acts 1 to 5) and misteur valaire (acts 6 and 7) complementing the spectacle. the exterior of one of the world’s most celebrated churches transforms and morphs at the will of the digital artwork – with the Sagrada familia’s textured frontage proving to be more complex than earlier projects to map due to the detailed nature of the building. using 16 video projectors, 13 computers and 25 moving lights, the team of more than a dozen people used their own x-agora software platform to control the show’s sound, light and video elements and took four months to complete. the projection was shown during la mercè festival in Barcelona, Spain.

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