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Cheap & Colorful

Fresh chatter in the iPhone world has stirred up a couple of old rumors: There’s a cheap iPhone due soon and, taking a leaf out of its iPod heritage, Apple may be poised to release a version of this year’s iPhone in a rainbow of different colors.

The latest buzz about the iPhone comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s an analyst at KGI Securities. This means he’s not necessarily the best-placed person to have direct knowledge inside Apple’s systems…but Kuo has been pretty good in predicting Apple’s moves in the past, and he does seem to have some connections to the supply chain. This time the idea is that Apple really is going to try to address the lower cost smartphone market in a move a little like it’s recent iPad mini release. The cheap iPhone will be made of fiberglass and plastic and have slightly simplified internals compared to the high-end iPhone for 2013, a trick that should keep its costs low. LTE will come as standard, though, to appeal to the rapidly growing 4G markets in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere.

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