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Pink Lady?

Fifty years ago, Barbie pierced PANTONE 219C with her sharp stiletto heel and claimed pink forever in honor of girls worldwide. She rigidly extended her plastic arms and gathered pink en masse–in far-reaching hues and values.

We now have pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness (and the KitchenAid and Dyson appliances to match), CodePink, a women’s campaign for peace, and shocking Schiaparelli pink reemerging on the 09/10 catwalks. Pink is used to connote female the way cats spray to mark their turf!

Women deserve representation across all facets of design–from electronics to tools, fashion, home products, and automotive. But that female expression is a heavy burden for one pretty color chip to carry. After all, a little known fact is that prior to the 1920s, pink was for boys and blue was for girls.

Read the source article at Mon, 02/20/2012