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1970 Car of the Year

1970 Import Car of the Year: Porsche 914 1970 Porsche 914 Front Three Quarters On the map it looks like a little straight stretch before Hemet. On the road, Highway R3 is very straight and very flat and in a 914 Porsche you can run 120 indicated flat-out. We had just finished a 10-mile tangle of hairpins and reverse-camber switchbacks on our Import/Car of the Year 700-mille Ride and Drive evaluation, and it felt good to slip the shift lever into 5th, watching the speedometer climb in chorus with the mechanical song behind our backs. It was almost like being in a miniature Mecedes C-111 with an open top. The wind tore at our hair and the sun came in at an angle and we knew we were into something good.

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