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Source: Miguel Chevalier Magic Carpets 2014


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At The Color Association, we realize that individuals have a variety of needs for color intelligence and information. We offer four different membership categories, along with four different forecast options to help you customize the right solution for your needs.

Because we want to ensure that our Members are receiving the level of benefits and services that they require, please feel free to contact us to determine the best and most economical membership category to suit your specific needs.  Feel free to email or call us at 212-947-7774.



Forecast Card & Color Samples X       X    
Inspiration Images X   X   X    
Forecast Report X   X   X    
Access to CAUS Archive X   X   X    
Online access to report, images and forecast X   X   X    



Events X   X   X    
Discount Samples X   X   X    
Annual Consultation X            
Networking X   X        
Membership Dues (*base fee for 1 category)

$ 1,500*


$ 250*


$ 750*




CAUS forecasts in 5 categories: Women’s, Men’s, Youth Fashion, Beauty and Interiors/Environmental.

Fashion and Beauty categories include 2 forecasts per year, S/S and F/W seasons.

Additional annual shipping fees for Canada / Mexico and International destinations.