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Our education programs address key questions catered to the learning needs of a wide audience. Our courses are particularly suited to industry professionals, designers, and color consultants looking to refresh and advance the rigor and applicability of their color knowledge. Likewise marketing and R&D professionals who use color in their business development efforts and strategies, and design students interested in enhancing their color design capabilities find our education offering helpful.


  • What is Color ROI and how is it measured?
  • What role does color past performance play in design decisions?
  • What is a color life-cycle strategy?
  • What differentiators do color leaders employ?
  • How to analyze competitors’ color play?
  • What role do color trends play in design decisions?
  • How to translate brand and product attributes into color choices?
  • How do to apply color in a global marketplace context?
  • How to effectively research color?
  • How design teams make the right color decisions?



We offer a comprehensive series of courses to refresh your knowledge of basic color concepts, identify contextual factors that influence color design and strategy decisions, and provide you with practical tools to apply color forecasting and trends. A few of the topics we have covered over the years include:

  • Color Forecasting: From theory to application
  • Color Fundamentals: Review and renew your color principles knowledge
  • Color Psychology and Consumer Preferences: Your customer color preferences
  • Color Marketing and Branding: Leveraging color as a silent communicator
  • Color Research Methodologies: Polling color associations, preferences and contextual fit
  • Color Strategy: Developing, enhancing and exploiting color leverage

We are still structuing our program for 2016, come back to learn more.

Please contact Anat Lechner, PhD, Director of Data and Education if you are looking for customized education programs, e-learning and advance training solutions.