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Youth Fashion Forecast

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Forecasts are published and distributed to members 18-24 months prior to the season.

The Spring/Summer publication is available in September/October and the Fall/Winter in Feburary/March of each year.
These bi-annual forecasts are comprised of:
- a collection of 24 +/- colors organized in inspiration palettes in a reference folder
- extra set of 1″ x 1.5″ wound thread color samples
- inspiration images that represent the colors and collection
- description of the logic behind the forecast

The following forecast reports are now available for our members to review:

Youth S/S 2020

Youth F/W 2019-20
Youth S/S 2019

Youth F/W 2018-19
Youth S/S 2018
Youth F/W 2017-18
Youth S/S 2017
Youth F/W 2016-17

Youth S/S 2016
Youth F/W 2015-16
Youth S/S 2015
Youth F/W 2014-15
Youth S/S 2014
Youth F/W 2013-14


For additional information on this or any of the other forecast categories please contact us or call 212-947-7774